Meet Our New Superstar Taylor Ritzel!

This girl’s got skills and smarts! Taylor Ritzel, one of the women’s eights team gold medalist at the 2012 Summer Olympics, is one of the Classroom Champions Athlete Mentors on our 2015 Scholastic materials. We’re now excited to announce that this Yale grad is not only an Olympic Gold Medalist Rower, but also our new Superstar!

Check out her interview with us talking about how she says YES to a healthy lifestyle and hear about her journey to the gold through perseverance and resilience.

What was your journey like to completing your goals? Or are you still on your way? Succumbing to peer pressure can really rock the boat, and make it harder to reach your dreams. Drinking alcohol underage can affect your growing brain and body. Our new materials during April, Alcohol #Responsibility Month, featuring Taylor has resources to help you say NO to alcohol and avoid other risky behaviors, so you can win YOUR gold!