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Are you ready for Back to School?

Summer is winding down, September is around the corner, and it’ll time to go back to school. At The Century Council, we understand that the first few months at school can be very challenging: A new year, new surroundings, making new friends and trying to fit in. We also know that teens and adolescents can face great pressure in trying to belong in their surroundings, and this can lead them to make rash and risky decisions.

Research shows that kids still listen to parents when it comes to talking about underage drinking.  There it is vital for parents to have and keep the conversation going with their kids regarding the dangers of underage drinking.

So this Back to School season, the Ask Listen Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program, provides parents with the Back To School checklist, so that kids are empowered and able to say Yes to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking:


1)Start the conversation early: You want to make sure your kids are prepared to handle peer pressure at school. It’s never too early to talk to them about underage drinking and equip them with the tools to say no and avoid making risky decisions

2)Connect: You’re not the only parent facing these challenges. Get to know the other parents and make sure you’re all on the same page when it comes to underage drinking.

3)Be involved: Ask your kids what they learned about at school. Help them with their homework. Kids need to know that their parents care and are listening. This will help them in approaching you when they need advice and are facing important decisions.

4)Look for help: Parents don’t have the answers for everything, however it does not mean you can’t prepare and be ready to answer your kids’ questions about underage drinking. Check out the parents’ section on the Ask Listen Learn website and find more tips there.

5)They Listen: research shows that kids still listen to parents when it comes to talking about underage drinking. So don’t despair. Keep the conversation going, and it will yield results!

Follow these links to order your free copies of the Ask, Listen, Learn Parents and Kids brochures and get ready for Back To School!

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