Ask, Listen, Learn Goes Global!

Summer is already underway and we hope you’re enjoying it on a sandy beach or out in the sunshine. We hope that it’s spent healthily, happily and, most importantly, with family and friends.

As for us? We’re taking a breather from putting our toes in the sand. We spent this past school year talking with teachers around the Caribbean about how to help their students say NO to underage drinking.  

Specifically, we traveled to Dominica, St. Lucia and Grenada reaching over 1,500 students, approximately 500 parents in 11 schools. We did this outreach with our partner Classroom Champions to help give Caribbean students the resources and tools to become smart, sound decision makers.

Classroom Champion is based on the principle that an Athlete Mentor can help inspire classrooms of kids to be the best they can be through a relationship established using recorded video lessons, live video chats, and social media. Through this relationship, and the work of dedicated classroom teachers, students are learning from some of the world’s highest achievers how to set goals and accomplish them, and how the choices they make today can effect their futures positively or negatively.

Teachers have also been very vocal about the need for this kind of character education program to coordinate with their curriculum. For each country we visited, we took the time to assess the needs of each region to better understand how our Ask, Listen, Lean materials can help their students become confident decision makers later in life. 

Want to hear about our travels? Here’s a video with interviews with teachers from all three countries talking about the importance of educational programs like Ask, Listen, Learn at their schools.