Back To School With Ask, Listen, Learn

Can you hear the school bells ringing? We can, and with school back in session, we are excited to say “HELLO” to another successful school year full of having conversations about how alcohol affects the developing brain and empowering kids to say “NO” to underage drinking.

Parents, all summer we have encouraged you to take your summer conversations a step further by talking to your kids about the negative effects of underage drinking. Now that it’s time to return to school, we want you to keep the momentum going and continue having these conversations. Equipping kids with the understanding of how alcohol can impact their developing brains will set them up for making healthy choices now and in the future.

Our 10 Ways to Say No infographic can help guide you in giving your kids the confidence to make good decisions and stand up for themselves or their friends. And if you and your kids need some ideas on how to get the ball rolling on the communications front, our conversation starter infographic has ideas to help spark discussions, bonding, and collaboration.

This summer we also connected with school counselors, school nurses, and teachers about our program and resources and spread the word about our underage drinking prevention videos, lesson plans, and other materials. If you missed out on our summer travel, check out our journey here.

In addition to our travels, we have also been hard at work! You will see new content from us through our partnership with Discovery Education in late September, and just in time for back to school, we have a great new infographic to share with you. Created with the help of classroom teachers and members of our Educational Advisory Board, this colorful resource is meant to set the tone for healthy decision making in your classroom. It’s perfect for you classroom, breakroom, or even as a quick piece of inspiration as you set your intentions for the day or week.  It is also  a great tool to promote positivity, learning, and community among your students and fellow educators.

The sun may be setting on summer, but the spark of your conversations should only get brighter. Remember that it’s not just a one and done conversation, it’s the small conversations each day that make the most lasting impact.

Parents and educators, you are doing a great job—thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping kids say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking!

Have a great back-to-school- season!