Fall Into A Healthy Lifestyle

The autumn breeze is pushing summer out the door; it’s a bittersweet goodbye for some, but a nice hello to a new beginning. Now that kids have gone back to school and your family has settled back into a routine, it’s a chance to start fresh. A new season can be an adjustment, but it can also be a good opportunity to refocus.

Revisiting past goals or setting new ones is a great way to keep your family on track living a healthy lifestyle throughout the final four months of the year. Some ideas include:

  • Sticking to a school night bedtime and getting enough sleep each night
  • Going on family walks once or twice a week before it gets too cold!
  • Limiting screen time during the week
  • Sorting through old clothes and picking items to donate

Autumn brings more than a color change to the leaves and an opportunity to reset your routine. It also marks the beginning of the holiday season. There will be many reasons to celebrate and more opportunities for kids to be exposed to alcohol. Starting the conversations now about avoiding alcohol and ways to say “NO” to underage drinking and continuing them through the hustle and bustle of costume parties, turkey carvings, and spreading good cheer will set you and the ones you love up for a healthy and happy holiday season.

We hope that you will not only try out our ideas but also make a list that works for your household. Stay tuned for more fun ideas and tips as we crush the last quarter of the year helping kids say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking.