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Being Nice Is Nice- Volunteer With Your Kids!

There’s no doubt that volunteering to help others can make you feel good about yourself while making someone else’s life better. Kids who start volunteering at a young age are more likely than others to continue volunteering in the years to come. As parents, you can start this community service trend by setting a good example with your kids.

When deciding where to volunteer it is important to consider your interests as well as your child’s interests. Do you want to be outside planting flowers, do you want to be in a soup kitchen cooking meals for the homeless, or perhaps doing arts and crafts with people in a nursing home?

Volunteering can also be a major time commitment, so make sure you coordinate everyone’s schedules according to the frequency and duration of your service commitments.

If you go to Volunteer Match you can search for volunteer opportunities in your zip code with keywords like ‘kids’ or ‘outdoors.’ You can also look at local library, school, or church bulletins for more ideas.

Have fun lending a helping hand and show your community some love this spring!

Photo: Family