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Donna Moore Celebrates National Sports & PE Week

Teaching students how to integrate physical activity and nutrition in their daily lives is the focus of my Physical Education curriculum. Over the course of a 30 year career, I have seen many changes in the youth I have been fortunate to teach. Students, by the result of their environment, have become more sedentary, resulting in a national epidemic of childhood obesity. I believe as a Physical Educator, it is my responsibility to lead by example and positively influence children to make vital decisions in their lives which will have lifelong implications on their futures.


As adults, we understand the importance of fun. It’s the basis by which children live their lives – they love to have FUN! Many traditional Physical Education programs no longer meet the needs of today’s child. Providing a wide variety of physical activity experiences creates the opportunity for every child to find that one activity they love and will continue to incorporate in their personal lives. My curriculum includes Dance/Dance Revolution, Ask, Listen and Learn gaming program on the Xavix system, Yoga, Line Dancing, Circuit Training, Rock Climbing, HOPSports, Inline Skating, Adventure Education, just to name a few.

My students see the value I place on physical activity every day as I participate alongside each class demonstrating the importance of daily physical activity. Students often hear me say, “Physical Education is by far you’re most important class in your school day. You can be a 25 year old rocket scientist, unhealthy, obese and die of a heart attack. What good is all that knowledge if you don’t have a healthy body?” I teach my students that Physical Education is for EVERY BODY and this is reflected as students perform at their personal best and classmates respect each student’s current level of development.

After teaching Physical Education all day, my students know I hit the gym every evening. I enjoy weight training and working up a sweat on an elliptical or Stair Climber. Each day I am driven by the motto, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I truly love teaching Physical Education and I believe my passion and commitment has helped me leave lasting impressions on children’s lives.

Donna Moore

Physical Education Specialist and one of TCC’s 20 People to Watch