Joining Dry January? Talk to your kids about WHY

Whether it’s focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, spending more time with loved ones, or concentrating on a career goal, it seems that at the turn of every new year, the people around us are attempting to better themselves in some way.

The gym is crowded. Stacks of books fill our newsfeeds as ‘2018 to-read’ lists are shared. A friend refuses a drink at happy hour – “I’m giving Dry January a try.”

Dry January, as it’s colloquially known, is an opportunity to press the pause button on enjoying alcoholic beverages for a month.

For adults, this can be a chance to jump start the year by saving a few calories, or a time to reflect on alcohol responsibility. Yet for kids, January is always dry.

As you reflect on the reasons you (or others!) may be trying Dry January, utilize the concept as a conversation starter about alcohol responsibility and the importance of respecting the choices of those around you.

Take advantage of daily chances to talk, such as driving in the car to or from an activity, at the breakfast table, or at dinner when you pass on a glass of wine.

Let them know that drinking alcohol is an adult behavior – like driving a car or living alone – and that that behavior is indeed a choice for adults.

Whether you’re enjoying alcoholic beverages responsibly this year, or taking a break, make it a point to talk to your kids about healthy decision making and underage drinking. If you need more conversation starters, we have you covered here!