Ending 2013 ALL Events on a High Note With Congressman Dave Reichert!

We couldn’t think of any way better to wrap up our 2013 Ask,Listen, Learn events than in  Issaquah Washington with Century Council partner Congressman Dave Reichert. We had a full house at Issaquah Middle School today with an auditorium packed with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders excited to hear Rep. Reichert speak and watch some lucky students play on the Ask, Listen, Learn game.

The presentation was a tour de force of stories from Rep. Reichert ranging from his childhood and adolescence, to his experience working as a sheriff, and finally his role as a Washington state representative in Congress!

Congressman Reichert talked about being the first person on the scene of a young man in a motorcycle accident who had been drinking and driving, he also shared some tragic stories from his years working as a sheriff in Seattle where he met people every day who did not make smart choices and consequently spent life getting in trouble with the law and putting their health and lives at risk. We learned quite a bit about the consequences of making dangerous or careless choices, but Congressman Reichert also talked about the importance of recognizing the amazing opportunity kids in middle school have! He came from a humble background and would never have believed he would be a Congressman one day, but he set goals, worked hard, and committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Rep. Reichert also talked to students about the importance of Asking, Listening, and Learning. First step is asking. It’s so important to talk to your parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, coaches or any mentor in your life. Growing up Congressman Reichert talked to his grandfather who was a pastor and his football coach. He asked them questions when he faced peer pressure or tough choices and really listened to their advice. By listening to these mentors he learned how to choose a healthy and responsible lifestyle and he always committed to doing the right thing.

Finally we had some fun with the Ask, Listen, Learn game and Rep. Reichert even sang Issaquah Principal Corinne De Rosa Happy Birthday! So a big thank you to Rep. Reichert for being such a rockstar Ask, Listen, Learn role model and thanks to Issaquah Middle School for an amazing event with a great group of kids!

Can’t wait for more fun Ask, Listen, Learn events in 2014!!!