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Exciting news for the Ask, Listen, Learn team

Hey Ask, Listen, Learn team! We wanted you all to be the first to know about an exciting new project we’re working on for our fans. Ask, Listen, Learn is in works with students at George Mason University in the Computer Game Design Program to create fun and educational mobile apps for kids. The games are products of a group assignment in GAME 232: Online and Mobile Gaming, taught by Professor Chris Totten.

Just like a real world client- artist relationship, we’ve given the students guidelines in their development to promote a healthy lifestyle by incorporating important messages to increase player’s awareness of the dangers of underage drinking.

Last week we went to the student’s midterm presentations on the progress of their apps so far, and let’s just say, we were IMPRESSED. The fact that these students could create interesting storylines, graphics and entertaining, technical game play within a few weeks while some of us struggle with simple Photoshop designs really blew us away.

dizzyalien*clips from the students’ presentations

We’re so excited to share these fun apps with everyone in 2013, so stay tuned as we follow the groups in their development in the next couple months!