A Father’s Day Message from Steve Mesler

For families, there is no shortage of things to talk about these days, and this Father’s Day, conversations have never been more important. Talking to kids is especially vital as they are constantly observing the world around them. You know we are all about engaging in conversations about underage drinking prevention and your role in these discussions for the health and safety of your kids. But our responsibility does not start or end there. These times demand more.

It’s time to ask, listen, and learn.

COVID-19 turned our world upside down. Schools closed, businesses shut their doors, and we were all forced to shift with hardly any time to prepare ourselves. Not only did we have to adapt to new ways of life—keeping ourselves and our neighbors healthy and safe—but some of us also went through difficult times that affect our emotions and mental health each day.

As these changes in our daily lives began to sink in, we were stopped again and forced to examine our values—and have even more conversations with our kids. The deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks were a wake-up call to us all that addressing racism in our society must be done. We as parents must talk to our kids to increase our understanding of these injustices in the black community, educate ourselves, and do better.

Kids are not immune to these events. They, too, see the news. They, too, have shifted their lifestyles. And if we as adults have questions and concerns, just imagine the worries that kids are experiencing.

Steve Mesler, president and co-founder of Classroom Champions, Olympic Gold Medalist, three-time Olympian, Member of the Board of Directors of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and father, spoke to us about how he is approaching his important role this Father’s Day. Read about his approach to Father’s Day 2020 and the importance of conversations with kids and how we can all ask, listen, and learn in order to be better and do better.

Current events have made me think about my role as a father, educator, and role model more than ever before. I want to make sure that as my daughter grows up, I show her how to be a great person who makes smart, healthy, informed decisions.

Together, we will ask, listen, and learn.

As a father, I will ask myself and my community tough questions. I will look to experts to educate myself so that I can find the answers to be better and do better, for myself and for my daughter.

As an educator, I have the responsibility to listen to the voices in my community that need to be heard, and do the work to make sure that I properly evoke their messages

As a role model and public figure, I know that there is always room to learn more so that my voice is one of positive influence and change.

This Father’s Day, I am dedicated to leading, not just by example, but by asking, listening, and learning. I will work on building lines of communication and relationships. I will ask tough questions, listen to others, and learn each day. I challenge you to do the same—and share with us how you will make a difference.

Happy Father’s Day!