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Food Fight: Conquering Back to School Lunch

You may have a say in what they eat while at your table, but once they board the bus and head to school, you’re at the mercy of the school lunch or hoping they don’t trade out what you made them for a more “enticing” snack.

We’re helping your middle schooler say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle this Back to School season by giving you the tools to pack healthy, tasty and affordable school lunches that they’ll look forward to eating!

Here are our 5 tips:

1. If they won’t eat it for dinner, they definitely won’t eat it for lunch.

Is it necessary to have a staring contest with your kid in order for them to eat their vegetables? If it’s a struggle getting them to eat it in front of you, then they definitely won’t eat it on their own. Pick your battles and just substitute it for something healthy that they do enjoy!

2. It’s OK to pack something sweet!

Don’t feel like you have to be 100% nutritious 100% of the time. By lunch time, kids have had a long day! There are plenty of healthier sweet alternatives that have less guilt than super-processed deserts. Find out which one your kid enjoys!

3. Leave the mess at home.

Kids don’t have much patience, keep things simple. If things are super messy or require building, your kid is most likely to push it to the side and sub in the easier food.

4. Talk to them about making healthy choices.

There are many disadvantages to not watching what you put in your body – especially what your kid puts in his or her growing body! Do your kids know why? Be vocal about the benefits of living an active, healthy lifestyle and why eating the balanced, nutritious lunch you pack for them – will keep them energized throughout the day!

5. Being a part of the packing process.

Don’t make it a surprise! In order for kids to understand the way we process and look at food, they should be part of the discussion. Talk about what they liked/didn’t like in their lunch this week. What would they like to substitute? If they give you an unhealthy option, look to see what alternatives there are! Or pack something else healthy in their lunch to balance it out!

5 tips to conquer school lunch fights with your kids.