The results are in: A+ from Scholastic!

A recent evaluation conducted by Scholastic again documented the Ask, Listen, and Learn (ALL) program as an effective tool in raising awareness and discussions of the dangers of drinking and the importance of a healthy lifestyle among middle school students and teachers.

While participating students demonstrated a strong awareness of the effects of alcohol on judgment and overall health both before and after the ALL program engagement, the research findings document the program’s success in increasing the occurrence and frequency of discussions about alcohol awareness among participating students, both in school and at home, as well as growth in the students’ awareness of the facts surrounding underage drinking.

  • Students who engaged with the Ask, Listen, Learn program had more discussions about underage drinking, both in school and at home.  84% of students report discussing alcohol in school after engaging in the ALL program, and 77% report discussing the dangers of underage drinking at home on one or more occasions.
  • After engaging with program materials, 70% of students were aware that alcohol impacts every organ in the body, not just the liver, kidney or heart; an increase of 24% prior to using the Scholastic ALL materials.
  • More than half (57%) of the students report knowing how long it takes alcohol to reach the brain, and 77% know the specific parts of the brain affected by drinking post engagement.
  • Nine out of ten students (92%) believe drinking alcohol underage is not part of a healthy lifestyle after their classroom participation with the ALL Reach for Success program.

Additionally, noted increases in students’ knowledge of how alcohol affects the brain demonstrates how effectively program messaging communicated the dangers of underage drinking.  Overall the gains reported in the evaluation demonstrate that the Ask, Listen, Learn Reach for Success program is an effective vehicle for educating middle school students about the importance of saying “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking.

Find the Student Evaluation & Teacher Evaluation here!

Scholastic evaluation proves success of outreach.