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Games for Health Conference: Exergaming on the rise

We recently had the opportunity to attend The 8th Annual Games for Health Conference.  Hundreds of game developers, health professionals, and leading researchers got together in Boston to discover, brainstorm, and debate how videogame and videogame technologies can work to improve health and healthcare.

The conference proved to be both engaging and informative.  There was plenty of research on gaming and its potential uses in health, from prevention to treatment.  Several of the discussions focused on the use of exergaming as a tool to increase physical activity.  A key take away from the conference is that this combination of exercise and videogames (exergaming) is becoming more and more prevalent, particularly in the physical education field.  Our Ask, Listen Learn game was highlighted in the News from the Field section of the most recent edition of the Games for Health Journal distributed at the conference.

The concept of combining games and exercise to achieve positive health outcomes is of particular interest to us.  Our Ask, Listen, Learn Interactive Game provides users with the chance to exercise while answering questions about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the dangers of underage drinking.  This free resource is available to Physical Education teachers and other health education professionals.  If you’re interested, learn more about the Ask, Listen, Learn game!