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Happy first week of school!

How can you help your child have a great first week of school?

Clear your schedule. Dedicate yourself as much as possible to helping your child have a great first week. Be there to listen to their stories, help them get ready before school, sign papers, and show interest in what they’re doing.

Make lunches together. If you make lunch with your younger children, try to find out their likes and dislikes as much as possible to create a healthy, well-rounded lunch for their day at school. Include protein, fruits and veggies, and try to avoid too much sugar slowing them down!

Set alarm clocks. Practice responsibility and accountability with your older children by having them set alarm clocks and making their own morning routine. Though mom may be the “sweetest alarm clock,” it will help them in high school and college for sure!

Still, it’s important to leave plenty of extra time. Make sure young ones have plently of time to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and catch the bus or carpool on time. You don’t want them rushing out the door half-asleep to class!

Review after school. If you’re at home after school, set aside time to hear about your child’s first week, help them get a healthy snack and get their homework done. If you’re not there, make sure your child, and their babysitter, knows your phone number, and the numbers of neighbors and close family members that can help in case of an emergency.

For more tips, you can check out our partner, American School Counselor Association’s website or this family education site.

If you have any tips to share for back to school, please share them in the comments below!