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Happy to be a part of The DC Scores Fall Frenzy

On Saturday, October 27th, over 800 poet athletes representing 27 DC SCORES elementary schools descended on recently renovated, just opened Anacostia Park for the 15th annual DC SCORES Fall Frenzy!  On the banks of the river in Southeast Washington, DC, 9 soccer fields were set up as well as numerous booths representing physical fitness, creative expression, and a sense of community, all components of the DC SCORES program.

A number of booths were manned by DC SCORES community partners like 826DC Writing Center and Starbucks.  At one booth in addition to picking out a book to add to their personal library from First Book, students reviewed Ask, Listen, Learn materials contributed by Century Council.  They discussed the dangers of underage drinking with volunteers, enjoyed word searches on what one can lose by experimenting with alcohol, and how healthy choices they make everyday can make them better soccer players and better students.  At another booth, throughout the day hundreds of parents filled out filled out surveys on what they like about DC SCORES and how we can better serve their children and communities.

Upon filling out the survey, each parent received a raffle ticket.  As they cheered on their favorite DC SCORES soccer teams, they clutched their raffle tickets and inquired of staff and volunteers when the raffle would take place.  The only quiet moments of the day, were those that followed DJ RBI’s announcement that he would be pulling the winners of the raffle.  Six thrilled families went home with a brand new Xavix video game port & step sensor accompanied by Century Council’s Ask, Listen, Learn interactive video game cartridge.  The six families went home and hooked up their new systems just in time for historic hurricane Sandy.  Washingtonians were house bound for three days as the storm rolled through, but six DC SCORES families remained active and engaged in healthy dialogue about the dangers of alcohol abuse using the Ask, Listen Learn video games.  In addition to enriching special events like Fall Frenzy, daily DC SCORES programming for our 1450 participants couldn’t happen without the generous year round support of the Century Council!

–Cory Chimka, Programs Director, DC Scores