A message from our IN ACTION contest winner!

Earlier this year, during Alcohol Responsibility Month, I was excited to hear that I was the winner of Ask, Listen, Learn’s “IN ACTION” contest. As such, I was able to select the education conference of my choice to attend, compliments of Responsibility.org and this awesome underage drinking prevention program.

I was introduced to Ask, Listen, Learn through my involvement with one of their partners, Classroom Champions. I started using the program with my 6th graders and I found that the kids really responded to the messages. The positive angles—and of course the “Kids and alcohol don’t mix” jingle—kept us all coming back for more.

As an ambassador for the program, I attended the Teach Your Heart Out Conference in Miami, Florida. Thankfully, my trip was hurricane free! The conference was such an inspiration to me—and inspired me more than I could have imagined to go back to California and my students.

Among my favorite parts of the conference were

  • The keynote speakers!!
  • Having an active classroom
  • Learning how to introduce my students to the world
  • Meeting so many amazingly dedicated teachers

The people and the networking were unmatchable! I really appreciate the opportunity that the folks at Responsibility.org gave me to travel, learn, and teach. As the holidays approach, this will be the perfect time to take the lessons I have learned and give these gifts back to my students. I’ll also be tying in Ask, Listen, Learn’s great messages about talking about underage drinking prevention and peer pressure.

Below is one of the fun images from my trip! Please take a look, get inspired, and then follow my journey on Twitter @teachjones. Together, we can help kids say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking!