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Have a Conversation for a Not-So-Scary Halloween!

The boogieman? A haunted house? A creaky floor? We’re talking about what really spooks you this Halloween!

The one thing that shouldn’t freak you out? Conversations with your kids about how to avoid risky behavior!

We made an infographic to help inspire you to talk with your kids before they go out for the Halloween festivities. Discuss their plans and what’s expected of them on nights out with friends.








Our Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program helps middle schoolers say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking. No matter what age your kid is, we hope this info will help you talk with your kids about your expectations for them on night like Halloween. They’ll be out with friends, siblings or other parents and it’s important for discuss a few things with them before they leave the house:

  1. Know their route: Be somewhat familiar with your kid’s path for the night.
  2. Use the buddy system: Stress the importance of staying in groups and not straying alone.
  3. Establish check in times: By setting up call times or texts you can quickly make sure the night is going as planned!
  4. Be able to reach them: Do you know who your kid is trick-or-treating with? Have alternate options of communication (such as a friend’s phone number of a designated meeting spot) in case phones fail.
  5. Be open. Be honest: The best way to combat peer pressures like underage drinking is to have conversations with your kid early and often about why it’s important to say NO. Do they know what your expectations are of them when you’re not around? They should always know they can come to you when faced with tough decisions.

See, that wasn’t scary at all!

Have a safe and fun Halloween from Ask, Listen, Learn!