Kids Get Creative at Whitman Middle School in Seattle!

Today Ask, Listen, Learn spent the morning at Whitman Middle School in Sunny Seattle! It was an awesome day spent talking to kids about making smart choices, resisting peer pressure, and of course saying “No” to underage drinking and “Yes” to a healthy lifestyle. When we arrived the halls were decorated with posters made by the students! On the posters, the kids wrote down in their own words how to say “No” to underage drinking. Off to a great start!

The auditorium was packed with 8th graders and there were a few special guests in attendance including Superintendent Banda and Deputy Superintendent Charles Wright! Before the kids had fun on the game we had the chance to hear an amazing story from Superintendent Banda about his personal experience relating to underage drinking. Superintendent told a story about his son who was seriously hurt after he made the mistake of drinking at a party. Luckily his son recovered but the Superintendent did say that even the smartest, most responsible kids are going to be put in tough situations and that’s when they’re going to have to “make the tough choice, to make the smart choice.” The whole auditorium was silent listening to his story and everyone came away feeling more confident than ever that choosing a healthy lifestyle and saying “No” to underage drinking is so important. At the end of the day, your health and your life is at risk.

After that powerful speech we switched gears and spent some time having fun on the Ask, Listen, Learn game! Thanks to Superintendent Banda, Whitman Middle School and everyone who made this event possible!