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Turkeys and fruits and veggie, Oh My!


As Thanksgiving steadily approaches and, maybe to your dismay, the holiday lights are prematurely peeking through windows; we thought we’d focus on the turkey day cheer with these healthy, festive, and hands-on snacks! We went against the “don’t play with your food” rule and compiled the most creative and interactive treat ideas we found while hunting Pintrest, not birds!

We encourage you to use this time crafting together to talk to your kids about the important of a healthy lifestyle. Need help starting the convo? Check out our Parents Page for helpful tips and tools to get through to your middle schooler about saying YES to a healthy lifestyle, even if it’s making a turkey out of veggies instead of sweets!

Did you make something fun for turkey day, or are you spending time together talking about a healthy lifesetyle? If so, we want to see! Instagram us a picture, we’ll make sure to showcase your idea! @Ask_Listen_Learn