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Let’s Move – Program to Fight Obesity in Kids

Rates of obesity have tripled in the past three decades to the point where one in three kids in the country are overweight. First Lady Michelle Obama just kicked off a new nationwide campaign called “Let’s Move” to fight obesity in kids.

Some of the ways that “Let’s Move” will help fight obesity will start right in your schools. Healthier lunches, nutrition education, and physical activity are all part of the plan. We’re big fans of adding physical activity and education to schools. One of our partners, PE4Life, is all about providing quality physical education and doing it in a fun and interactive way!

Professional sports are also helping to make “Let’s Move” a success – the NFL, NLB, WNBA, and MLS will all be promoting “60 Minutes of Play a Day”. We’re especially glad that the MLS is helping out because we are proud sponsors of our local team in Washington D.C., D.C. United! Check out D.C. United Midfielder Devon’s McTavish’s SuperStar profile and his PSA below.

We are big fans of Mrs. Obama’s new campaign. Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle is what being an Ask, Listen, Learn Team member is all about. Fighting obesity will allow kids to live to healthier and longer lives. This is a very important cause!