New Conversations for a New Year

What was that? 

2020 was a rollercoaster ride for everyone. Now that we have entered 2021, you may be asking yourself, now what? The pandemic, the challenges of social distancing, virtual learning, and the absence of a pre-pandemic routine did not magically end at midnight on January 1st. Nonetheless, it is a new year and a great time to reevaluate your goals for yourself and your family. 

Kids are resilient. We saw and admired the way they adapted to our “new normal.” We also know that kids need structure. As a parent, it may be hard to let go of the reigns a bit, but allowing them to control some of that structure is essential. How can they do that? By setting and reaching goals for themselves! As kids get older, independence becomes the center of their focus. They want you to trust them with more responsibility. 

Starting conversations about goals and priorities as you jump into the new year is a great way to get your family motivated. Talk with your kids about plans for their health, like getting more sleep at night, goals for their schoolwork, and goals for learning new skills. Encourage them and help them create incentives as they work towards them. 

Model responsibility by setting goals for yourself and showing them your progress. Explain to them why your goals are important to you. Talk with them about the importance of coping with stress, and give them the space they need to express themselves.

Talk to them about making healthy decisions and how those decisions can help them to achieve their goals. Remind them of the importance of not engaging in risky behaviors such as underage drinking and underage cannabis use. 

We are still living in a global pandemic, and what we refer to as a “new normal” feels a little more “normal” each day. After the event’s of the past week it may seem difficult to be confident in the year ahead. That does not mean we should stop striving to keep ourselves and our kids on track to living healthy lifestyles and making positive decisions. 

Our team is committed to keeping your conversations about how underage drinking and underage cannabis use can affect the developing brain going. We have some fun partnerships and campaigns in-store, and we are ready to make 2021 a healthy and positive year.  

Happy New Year!