Fresh Start to a New School Year: Educators!

It’s time to welcome students back to school! These are exciting times! A new school year is a FRESH START for everyone, but especially kids—a blank slate to define who they are and to set goals for this new chapter. Some kids may be making the transition from elementary to middle, which can be a big step. All kids will be making new friends and connecting with peers they haven’t seen all summer, allowing for new experiences, opportunities, and choices.

We have pulled together some resources to get you set up for success in the classroom and make the most of this FRESH START to the new school year.

Discovery Education Master Class Videos

Developed specifically for educators, these two videos showcase ways to include prevention education as part of a well-rounded effort brought to you from the viewpoint of an elementary school principal and a school counselor.

SEL-focused Classroom Activities

Ask, Listen, Learn is a founding member of Discovery Education’s Social and Emotional Learning Coalition. In partnership with them—and knowing the need for SEL resources in schools—we have helped develop classroom activities dedicated to the foundations of acting responsibly, making healthy choices, and staying substance-free. Check out these free resources and share them with your school community!

Healthy Classroom Infographic

A FRESH START means working with students to set the tone for healthy decision-making in the classroom. We have a great infographic dedicated to just that! Together, establish goals, determine values, and create an environment of success to get the year moving in the right direction.

Underage Drinking and Underage Cannabis Use Prevention Resources

As always, our resources are available for you to use in your classroom to empower kids to stay substance free. Take your students on a journey through their developing brains to teach them what the brain does, what alcohol and cannabis do to it, and what that does to them.

Have a safe and healthy FRESH START as you head back to school! Thank you for all you do to keep kids substance-free.

–The Ask, Listen, Learn Team