New Year, New You

Resolutions are meant to be broken.

That’s right, you read that correctly.  As we start 2016, let’s think about what these high-intensity, sometimes stressful, personal promises really mean.

What are you aiming for? If you get there, should you break that goal and move to a higher one? Should you have the right to reevaluate your resolutions mid-year to better accommodate your life at that time? We think so.

It’s hard to know in six months where you’ll be. How much you will have grown, what information could have changed. To put pressure on yourself to be a certain way, can be unrealistic and sometimes even discouraging!

What is important? We think the top two should be your happiness and your health. Here are some of our resolutions, in case you need any ideas:

  • Surround yourself with people that encourage you to make smart decisions
  • Make healthy decisions for yourself, even when the choice is unpopular, like not drinking underage
  • Find something new that makes you happy each week, even if it’s as small as taking the time to take walks after school or during work to break up your day
  • Every once in a while, slow down and create something inspiring that reminds you why your health and happiness are most important. It can be something as small as a doodle in your planner or as big as an idea board that reminds you of what you should really prioritize

We’re excited to spend 2016 with you. We hope you’ll spend it with us. This is a new year, so make it the year of the new you; constantly reevaluating how to make the happiest, healthies versions of YOU!

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