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Officially Sochi Bound!

If you haven’t heard, our wonderful and talented superstar, Ashley Wagner, is officially Sochi bound! After some tough competition in Boston at the 2014 figure skating National Championship, Wagner showed us how nothing can defeat her.

What makes Ashley so incredibly special is her dedication to her sport and awareness of how she treats and fuels her body. Without being active, healthy, and ready for anything; Wagner wouldn’t have the stamina and resilience to fight as she does.

We’re so proud of how much she has accomplished over the past few years, and you should take a look at how she’s helped spread our message of saying YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking. Ashley is truly a role model for kids everywhere. Check out her Q&A with Ask, Listen, Learnand what she has to say about how making good choices lead to success! She talks about everything from how she deals with stress to what she does for fun!

If you’re an Ashley fan, keep an eye out for our competition coming out this week where you could win a fleece signed by the superstar!