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Our final Alcohol Awareness Month event!

After visiting schools in Michigan and Arizona, Ask, Listen, Learn went back east to Branchburg Central Middle School in Branchburg, NJ. We were so happy to have Attorney General Chiesa join us, especially since his son and daughter are students at Branchburg Central!

Close to home, AG Chiesa got a special introduction by his own son, Al, who is not only a student but also class treasurer for Branchburg Central Middle School! After a fantastic warm welcome, Attorney General Chiesa spoke to the students about two ways to respond to bad decisions. He explained that students can say NO to bad decision, and also help someone else say no, too.

He then shared an important story of a 13 year old girl. This young girl was afraid to tell her mother about a bad situation she was in. Luckily, her best friend was able to stand up for her and talked to a law enforcement officer, who was able to get the help her friend needed. Because she had the strength, she was able to help best friend. With this story, Attorney General Chiesa encouraged the students – and the teachers too – to have the strength to say no to bad decisions, but to stand up for the right things, as well.

Attorney General then talked with the kids about sports. He shared that we need our brains, hearts and lungs to perform on the field and in school, too. He reminded them that if they drink alcohol, every part of their body is negatively affected. He then challenged them to do their very best every day, both on and off the field, and to have the strength to say NO to underage drinking, and YES to a healthy lifestyle!

It was an incredible morning at Branchburg Central Middle School. We want to extend a warm thank you to Attorney General Chiesa, and the great staff and teachers. You guys are awesome!

As we close Alcohol Awareness Month, we’ve had a really incredible journey. We loved visiting students all over the country, including Norwalk, Connecticut; Montgomery, Alabama; Washington, DC; Mesa, Arizona; Standish, Michigan; and of course, Branchburg, NJ. Thanks for helping us to bring special attention to Ask, Listen, Learn— because kids and alcohol DON’T mix!