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Our first event with Superstar Ashley Wagner and Rep. Marc Veasey at John Adams Middle School!

Today, Ask Listen Learn headed down to Grand Prairie, TX to visit the students at Grand Prairie Middle School! We were so excited to welcome for the very first time Ashley Wagner, world-renowned champion figure skater! Equally exciting, we also had Congressman Marc Veasey joining us, too! With two great superstars joining us, we really do things bigger in Texas!

First up, we had Congressman Veasey talk to us about making good choices and saying no to peer pressure. Congressman Veasey encouraged students to talk to their teachers about the importance of saying no to underage drinking and saying yes to a healthy lifestyle. He even polled the students to test their knowledge on how quickly alcohol affects the body. Did you know it takes only 30 seconds?! The students at John Adams did!

Then, Ashley talked to the middle schoolers about what it takes to stay committed to your goals. She even shared with us that she stayed on track to achieve her dreams of being an Olympic athlete by being a good role model for her brother Austin, who’s just two years younger than her. She encouraged the students to be good role models for their friends, siblings and all younger kids— as we know 8thgrade students are special leaders!

Next, we had our student volunteers play our awesome Ask, Listen, Learn game. Cheered on by Ashley and Congressman Veasey, the students ran superfast and answered questions about how alcohol negatively affects their bodies and lives. We really loved visiting, Grand Prairie Middle School. To end our morning, the students got to ask fun questions of Congressman Veasey and Ashley. We learned that Ashley loves fruit smoothies as her favorite healthy snack, and that Congressman Veasey likes to lift weights and do cardio to stay in shape.

Thanks again to Ashley Wagner, Congressman Veasey and all the great students and staff for a really fun day!