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Thanks, Beckendorff Junior High!

Yesterday, Ask Listen Learn headed down to Katy, TX to visit Beckendorff Junior High! Joining us for another awesome event was Congressman Pete Olson, who spoke to 500 7th graders about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and the dangers of underage drinking.

We learned that the students recently engaged in a letter-writing exercise to their Congressmen about social issues, especially alcohol awareness. So, it was no wonder Congressman Olson got such a very warm welcome! He reminded the students that drinking under the age of 21 was a crime with costly penalties and even jail time.

He then shared a personal story about a friend of his from high school who lost her life because she chose to drink and drive unfortunately. His dream, he said, was that no one would ever feel the pain again of losing a friend to making bad choices, which is exactly why he was so excited to visit the energetic students.

He went on to encourage them to take three important steps to counter peer pressure:

  1. Ask their parents about alcohol. He said that students need to be leaders in their families, too.
  2. Listen to their parents when they talk to them. Ask more questions and listen well.
  3. Learn from their parents and friends, and especially the Ask, Listen, Learn program.



Thanks so much to Beckendorff Junior High, Principal Dickerson and Congressman Olson! We had a great time in Texas, talking to kids about saying NO to underage drinking and YES to a healthy lifestyle.