The Principal’s Role in Student Success

Schools are back in session! Together, parents, educators, and kids are all working hard to make this year a success inside the classroom and out.

We did it together, and it’s great to be back.

We often look to educators to help guide our kids when reaching for milestones in their academic success. As we were all forced to pivot to accommodate the changes that came about due to the pandemic, we now know there is so much more to think about.

With an increase in the emphasis on social and emotional learning (SEL), we have to look beyond the traditional classroom subjects when developing the whole child. One essential partner in schools that can tie these efforts together is school administrators. These educators are such an important part of establishing a school culture that fosters development. So from all of us to you:


While at the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) conference this past summer, we spoke with elementary school principals about how they view responsibility as a whole and what they see as their impact on the decision-making abilities and future success of the kids in their schools.

Special thank you to the following principals for lending their expertise and inspirational outlooks:

  • Dr. James Edmond, Woodside Elementary School, Sussex, WI
  • April Knight, Avondale Elementary School, Columbus, OH
  • Victorius Eugenio, Daggett Montessori School, Fort Worth, TX
  • Thomas Payton, Roanoke Avenue Elementary School, Riverhead, NY
  • David Naylor, Model Elementary School, Richmond, KY
  • Kevin Armstrong, Ed. D., DuPont Hadley Middle, Old Hickory, TN

View the video here: