SEL Comes Home with Summer Sanders

Olympic Champion and parent Summer Sanders uses her mindset as an athlete and her experience as a parent to bring critical social and emotional learning (SEL) lessons home. 

One incredibly important lesson that our partners at Classroom Champions value is healthy living. That includes avoiding risky behaviors like underage drinking. In order for kids to accomplish their goals, remain focused, and be good leaders,  families must set positive examples for their kids and make sure they are conscious of how they treat their developing brain and body. One of these key lessons is to have conversations that empower kids to say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is not just a series of lessons to focus on at school. The lessons, goals, and fundamentals can also belong in the conversations and values, and behaviors that continue at home.

Summer Sanders is an Olympic Champion and is the proud mom of two kids. She’s passionate about helping her family make smart decisions. She understands more than most why healthy living is critical for success as you embark on your journey to accomplish your dreams. 

We’re excited to launch a new video in Classroom Champions’ SEL Comes Home series featuring Summer and her ideas on how to help your kids combat peer pressure. She’s got great tips and some personal anecdotes to bring these skills to life. 

We’re excited to share these tips from Summer! Take a look and share them with family and friends! Practice some of the lessons Summer suggests—such as having conviction and confidence to make the right choice when faced with pressure from peers to make a decision that is against your family values.

And did you know?

Summer Sanders is actually a long-time friend of Ask, Listen, Learn! She joined dozens of Attorneys General from across the country to help them bring this important message of healthy living to their own states.