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School Counselors Help Us Work Better Together

It’s National School Counseling Week, and this year, the theme for this ever-changing and exciting time is BETTER TOGETHER. We want to celebrate

  • Being back in school together.
  • Sharing thoughts, words, smiles, and challenges together.
  • Focusing on social and emotional learning together in addition to academics.
  • Working together to become better.

School counselors are such an important part of the Ask, Listen, Learn community, and we love seeing and learning from their passion for student well-being—both in schools and from afar. They are truly making a big difference in students’ lives. School counselors help parents, students, and educators everywhere see that we are certainly better together.

To school counselors everywhere, THANK YOU for making us better! We are excited to continue to share our resources with you to help kids develop the SEL skills to help them thrive and to continue to say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking.

The Ask, Listen, Learn Team