5 Ways to Spring Forward: Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids This Spring!

Spring has sprung, and though it’s not exciting to think about missing an hour of sleep, warmer weather is now on the horizon. This means more adventures for you and your family. Spring is a time to refresh after the dreary winter months. It could be spring cleaning or even a kick-start to some of those forgotten New Year’s resolutions. Spring is a time to explore new places and new things. For your kids, this can be very exciting and a great opportunity for them to have conversations.

Here are five ways to get their minds and bodies moving this spring! 

  1. Plant a garden. The beautiful thing about spring is how the earth becomes an oasis of colors. Planting a garden can teach your kids about caring for living things and may even strengthen their desire to make healthy choices, like chomping on veggies they planted themselves!
  2. Get creative with some arts and crafts. If gardening isn’t your thing, it’s not the only way to add color to the house. Try crafts like making flowers out of paper plates or tissue paper. A pop of color on the fridge is always fun and creating something together is even better!
  3. Plan a picnic. Kids’ growing bodies love food! What’s better than taking lunch or dinner outdoors and getting the conversation started over a healthy meal and fresh air?
  4. Play outside.The grass is green and plush, and nature is at its most beautiful. 60 minutes of outside activity a day leads to a healthier life for your kids.
  5. Volunteer.Giving back is a great way to teach kids about being responsible and making impactful decisions while getting them involved in the community.

However you choose to have springtime fun, incorporate lots of conversations. They don’t have to start out with underage drinking – ask them about what they’re learning in school, what’s the latest in their favorite sport or TV show, or even what they love about spring, and let the conversation grow from there. Once they start talking they may never stop!

Happy Spring!