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Stay Warm for Winter Workouts

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you need to hibernate like a bear cuddled in blankets in front of the TV. Sure, that’s perfectly fine and wonderful when there’s a blizzard or icy roads in your neighborhood, but if you have the motivation and proper gear, you can get in just as good a workout in the cold as you would in the sunny, Summer months!


Here are some tips to stay warm and safe when working out in the chill zone:

-Start with a thin layer of synthetic material such as polypropylene, which absorbs body sweat. Avoid cotton material because it holds in moisture and will keep you wet, ultimately making you feel more cold. (

-Wear 2 or 3 layers with a windbreaker on top. (

-Covering your head is crucial. About 40 percent of your body heat is lost through your head. Wearing a hat will help prevent heat loss, while helping to distribute heat to the rest of the body. When it’s really cold, wear a face mask or scarf over your mouth to warm the air you breathe while protecting your face. (


-Run out IN to the wind, so when you’re on the way back it will be at your back and less cold when you’re sweaty. (

-Be sure to warm up and stretch. Muscles take longer to warm up in the cold and you don’t want them getting stiff. (

-On really cold days, make sure you monitor your fingers, toes, ears, and nose. They may feel numb at first, but they should warm up a few minutes into your run. If you notice a patch of hard, pale, cold skin, you may have frostbite. Cold air can also trigger chest pain or asthma attacks in some people, so check with your doctor if you’ve had previous issues. (

Photos: SnowFriends