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Summer with DC Scores!

The Century Council has been a close partner of DC Scores,  and has recognized its Amy Nakamoto as one of its 20 People to Watch. As such, we were excited to visit their great summer program, Couch To Camp. In the past two weeks we visited Tubman Elementary and HD Cooke Elementary School, where the campers were keeping busy learning the fundamentals of soccer and scrimmaging one another.

To go along with the Ask, Listen, Learn message, the kids wrote poems about living a healthy lifestyle. After the writing, they let off some steam on our Ask, Listen, Learn interactive game. We’d like to thank DC Scores for providing area youth with positive activities that reinforce the importance of living a healthy lifestyle!

I Love Corn! By Charmise
I eat corn with my chicken
I eat corn with my lamb
I eat corn with my string beans
And even my ham
Oh man,
That corn is good with ham!

Stacks of Snacks by Tony

Stacks of snacks
Come back fast
To the trash
Don’t stink
Just think
Make a sweat
Want to bet?
Not a mess
Be the best
Pass the test!