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Tips for a Not-So-Scary Halloween!

As the day steadily approaches, your kids are getting more and more excited! Do you have a plan for the evening? If your middle schooler is venturing out with friends alone, here are some pointers to make the night a stress-free and safe one!

  1. Make sure your kid’s costume isn’t completely dark colors. By adding a few pops of color or a reflector, it makes them more easily spotted by cars and other trick-or-treaters!
  2. Set up specific times to check in! Texting, calling or even a quick swing back to the house, is important to checking in with how your kid’s night is going. By establishing these times before the night begins, your kid is well aware of what is expected of him or her.
  3. Ask who your kid will be going out with. It helps to know not only in case of emergency and getting in touch with other parents, but also to get a better sense of who your kid hangs out with!
  4. Talk with your kid before they begin the night. By addressing all questions and establishing expectations at the beginning of the night, your kid knows exactly how you expect them to act while out on their own. Be honest, be direct. This prevents miscommunication between you and your kid and ensures you are on the same page about the night!

Need tips? Check out our infographic and share with other parents to see how they started conversations with their kids about having a safe Halloween!

Have a fun and safe Halloween! Here's an infographic to help you start a conversation with your kid about their night trick-or-treating.