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Walk your way to a healthy Halloween!

We thought Halloween had a bad reputation: Candy, sugar and scary stuff! Let’s spook all those bad raps away! Do you realize how much you and your kid walk on Halloween night?? If you’re hitting the streets as a family, try tracking how many miles you went! Is your kid going out with friends? Try setting up a route with them before they leave so they know how much they’re walking that night! It’ll be a fun way to get your kid to notice how important it is to be active.

Take this time to talk with them about balance. As kids, it’s OK to enjoy candy on Halloween and other treats from time to time. Establishing good nutrition is about pairing treats with physical activity or showing them the right portions for different snacks.

Help your kids say ‘YES’ to a healthy lifestyle this Halloween! How far does your family plan to walk?! Comment below!

Have you seen our awesome Halloween infographic about talking with your kids before they go out for the night? We encourage you to talk with them about not only nutrition, but also staying safe! Find out more safety tips here!

Get ready for Halloween by talking with your kid about combating peer pressure and staying safe this Halloween night!