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Why were we at The Pentagon this morning?

This morning we braved security clearance checks and ID checkpoints to enter the prestigious Hall of Heroes at The Pentagon.  Our partner, the Young Marines, were awarded the Secretary of Defense Fulcrum Shield Award.

The Young Marines is a youth education and service program for boys and girls, ages 8 through completion of high school. The Young Marines promotes the mental, moral, and physical development of its members. The program focuses on character building, leadership, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The Secretary of Defense Fulcrum Shield Award is awarded to recognize community substance-abuse awareness efforts by youth programs associated with the military services, defense agencies, and the National Guard Bureau.   The award is named in honor of five military personnel from Fort Bliss, Texas who were killed in an aircraft accident in 1999 while on a counter-drug reconnaissance mission in Columbia.

The Young Marines were honored with the Fulcrum Shield Award for their tremendous efforts during Red Ribbon Week 2011.  Their efforts focused on raising awareness regarding the dangers of substance abuse and underage drinking.  Their work included peer-to-peer level education in schools with presentations, bracelets, red ribbons.  In addition, the Young Marines were able to reach over 20,000 students with our Ask, Listen, Learn Kids brochures!  We were thrilled to be a part of their outreach efforts, and even more thrilled to see them recognized for it today!

We congratulate the Young Marines on this prestigious accomplishment!  We know they will continue to serve as leaders in their schools and serve as examples making positive, healthy lifestyle choices.