Alcohol Responsibility Month 2018

April is Alcohol Responsibility Month!

We value our relationships with parents and educators (and everyone else!) who help kids say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking. We love working with you, hearing from you, and celebrating the great job you do as you continue to have conversations that last a lifetime.

This month we are excited to be rolling out information from our partnership with Scholastic, our first ever contest for educators, new videos, a new report and infographic, and we are thrilled to tell you about a collaboration with Summer Sanders.

SCHOLASTIC  | 10 Ways to Help Your Kids Say NO

We have a great new resource to share with you this month. In conjunction with Scholastic, we have this handy one pager that not only features some fun brain-related activities, but it also has information you can use to help your kids say NO to underage drinking. Peer pressure is tough to resist, but these 10 reasons will help conversations flow between you and your kiddo. You may even come up with 10 MORE ways to say no! The one pager also includes family activities that highlight the functions of different part of the brain.


Ask, Listen, Learn In Action!

We have just launched our first ever contest for educators who use our Ask, Listen, Learn resources! Whether you have used the whole program or just a few pieces, we want you to share what you love about Ask, Listen, Learn and how it benefits your students. You can enter the contest here . The grand prize winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to the education conference of their choice! Other prizes include gift cards and an Ask, Listen, Learn tote bag.



Conversations are Up!

Many of you are familiar with our “Alcohol and the Developing Brain” videos. This month, we are adding three new very short videos that will help parents start conversations with their kids about underage drinking. They are easy and fun to watch—and introduce our new parent characters! You can see one of the videos below, and check out our social media pages for the other two!

We Crunched Some Numbers!

In November, we conducted a study of parents of children 10-17 and found out that most talk to their kids about alcohol consumption, but they may not be sharing important information about WHY underage drinking is harmful (I’ll give you a hint. It’s starts with a B and ends with a RAIN!). Our new infographic and report will give you a good view of why parents may hesitate before talking to their kids, and why you should all be comfortable with having conversations early and often about underage drinking.


Gold Medal Mom

In February we had the pleasure to spend an entire day with Olympic Medalist and mother of two, Summer Sanders! She took time to speak with more than 20 Attorneys General from across the United States to create publics service announcements for parents about helping them start conversations with their kids about underage drinking. And we got to try on her gold medal! According to Summer, it’s the little moments that count the most, and these conversations should happen often. We could not agree more! Many of you will see these PSAs on Facebook, but you can also get a glimpse of our experience with her here:


And that’s not all! We have projects moving throughout the month to all about working together to help kids say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking! Thank you for being a part of our team!