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An Awesome SMT with Aly and Lynn Raisman

Today we were on a whirlwind Satellite Media Tour with our Superstar Aly Raisman and her mom Lynn in the sunny City of Angels. We started the morning off at 3:15 a.m. to do satellite studio interviews with tons of outlets around the country. After that, we made stops at huge shows like Young Hollywood, Extra and Mario Lopez’ show!

Our goal was for Aly and her mom to share how important it is for parents to join the conversation on underage drinking, especially during Alcohol Awareness Month. Aly knows that she wouldn’t be where she is today if she had drank alcohol underage in high school. She had her own goals in gymnastics to keep her on track, but her parents also know how important it is to talk to their four kids about the dangers of underage drinking.

Aly was asked, “Out of all the issues you could focus energy on, why this one?” She responded, “It’s so important to me. I know how I used to look up to older girls in the gym and I want to be that same role model and encourage kids to make healthy choices, including saying no to underage drinking.”  Lynn added a message to parents, saying “This isn’t a one-time conversation. Make it a natural conversation in your household as your kids really are listening”

Today’s tour focused on that message of communication to join the conversation with the Ask, Listen, Learn team this month. Of course, after this busy day, Aly had to get back to her Dancing With the Stars rehearsals. We’ll be sure to cheer her on this Monday!