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An exciting app update!

Happy Friday, team! As you know we’ve been working on a new project with students at George Mason University in the Computer Design Program to create fun and educational mobile apps for kids. Yesterday, we drove out to GMU’s campus in Fairfax to attend the students’ presentations on the progress of their apps. If we were impressed the first time around, we were even more so this time!

8 groups presented their game demos and the improvements they have made since our last visit. The message is still the same: Say ‘Yes’ to a healthy lifestyle and ‘No’ to underage drinking. And the students at GMU are pulling it off masterfully.

The demos that the students prepared, the visuals, the graphics and the overall concepts were nothing short of sublime. These young adults really showed us how hard work and creativity can change a project in a matter of weeks. It takes a lot of time and effort for these students to translate their ideas into practice and to see it on the screens in front of us and on mobile devices was stimulating to say the least!

We’re getting more and more excited by the day. This project has the potential to become a hit and we can’t wait to share our fun and educational apps with the Ask, Listen, Learn team.


We will bring you more updates as soon as we have them! Stay Tuned!