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Our first event with Aly was a huge success!

As you saw on Monday, the Ask, Listen, Learn team added an exciting new Superstar to our team: Aly Raisman. Today, the 18 year old hosted her very first Ask, Listen, Learn event at Persell Middle School in Jamestown, NY, and boy, was it a success!

The auditorium was packed with 500 kids, grades 5-8, and when Aly got up to challenge Principal Cammarata on our Xavix game, the whole crowd stood up to chant “Aly! Aly! Aly!”

Aly is the oldest of four kids, and she knows she is a role model for many young people. She stressed the fact that she wouldn’t be where she is today if she had made poor decisions in middle school. Exercising, eating healthy foods and choosing the right kind of friends are all important choices that middle schoolers are faced with every day.

A select group of students got the mic to ask Aly about the Olympics and she enthusiastically recalled winning her medals and having fun with her best friends on the US Women’s Gymnastics team. Lucky for her, she’ll be reunited to perform with a few of the US Gymnastics women tomorrow night at theDisson Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular! Be sure to follow our tweets and watch the Spectacular when it airs on NBC January 19!