Red Ribbon Week: Say “NO” to Underage Drinking!

It’s Red Ribbon Week, a time to focus on prevention and character education in schools, and we are excited to share our resources to send one important message to kids: Say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking! This week, we want YOU to do the same.

  • Parents, YOU are the #1 influence on your kids’ decision to drink-or not to drink- alcohol. Talk with your kids about the negative effect’s alcohol can have on their developing brains. Our conversation infographic is the perfect resource to get you started.
  • Educators, YOU hold the power to help students make healthy choices too. Our seven lesson plans and videos are great for Red Ribbon Week activities. Also, our educator infographic is a great resource to maintain a healthy classroom environment all year!
  • School counselors and school nurses, YOU play critical roles in preventing underage drinking. Check out our awesome resources for your clinics and offices!

Join us in sending the message to kids that they have the power to say “NO” to underage drinking, not just during Red Ribbon Week, but every day! It’s the small conversations over time that make the biggest impact, and as the number of conversations about alcohol go up, underage drinking rates go down.

Happy Red Ribbon Week!