It’s National School Nurse Day!

We believe that everyone has a role to play as we work to prevent underage drinking. Today is National School Nurse Day, and we celebrate the incredible and vital role that school nurses play, both in the fight against underage drinking and in keeping their school communities happy and healthy.

The impact of a school nurse is long-lasting – I remember my elementary school nurse to this day. In first grade, I was an avid tree climber, constantly crawling up trunks and swinging from branches, thinking I was invincible. One morning before the bell, I swung right out of my favorite tree and landed on my own wrist. Too embarrassed to say anything, I held in tears, walking through the halls with my arm behind my back. Very inconspicuous.

Mrs. Samuelowitz saw me sulking on the way to class. I’ll never forget her kindness that day. She didn’t make me feel embarrassed, she didn’t scold me for climbing the tree, and she made the appropriate diagnosis. I went to the hospital with my mom and got a purple cast. Mrs. Samuelowitz was the first to sign it.

So thank you, for all that you do. Please know your impact is felt, and your role in keeping kids safe and healthy is crucial.

Click here to download our “Alcohol and Your Developing Brain Poster” for your office. We are so lucky to have you with us along the way as we continue our work to educate youth on the dangers of underage drinking.