NEW Responsible Decision-Making Activities in Partnership with Discovery Education

The holidays are here, and this is a great time to engage kids in conversations with kids at home and in the classroom about the importance of making responsible decisions and avoiding risky behaviors. It’s also a time to focus on the successes of the year so far—despite the ongoing uncertainty—treasuring time together, acknowledging stressors, focusing on mental health, and making time for self-care.

For your classroom, we launched new Social-Emotional Learning resources created in partnership with Discovery Education. These two classroom activities focus on what it means to be responsible and how students can make responsible choices in their everyday lives. We know that not every conversation or lesson is about alcohol, but learning about responsibility and making healthy choices builds the foundation for good decision making in the future.

  • Defining Responsibility: In this activity, students explore the idea of responsibility, how their responsibilities change with age and the relationship between choices and responsibility. Using this information, students will develop an in-school public awareness campaign that encourages others to be responsible and make smart and healthy choices
  • Making Choices: This activity focuses on decision making and the difference between split-second and thoughtful decisions. Students will be introduced to a decision support tool called a decision tree that they will use to help them set goals and make responsible choices in the future.

These activities can be used within the classroom or as part of independent study. They can also be provided to families to start conversations about responsible decision-making at home.

Everything is ready to use and aligned to national health and education standards, so make plans to integrate these new lessons into your classrooms when you get back from winter break!

For more resources for educators about making responsible decisions and avoiding risky behaviors, visit the Ask, Listen, Learn teachers page.

Happy holidays from Ask, Listen, Learn!