Bucket List! 25 ways to keep your kids active this summer

Looking for a few things to do this summer? Take a look at our bucket list! We challenge you to see how many of these fun activities you can do before school starts! Some are common, and others will get your creative juices flowing. All will help you to say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking!


  1. Swimming: Try out kickboards, pool noodles, and diving sticks! Race your friends, siblings, and parents in a pool float race!
  2. Biking: Pop on your helmet and take a ride! Don’t know how to ride a bike yet? Make it your goal to be on two wheels in the next few weeks!
  3. Go on a nature hike: Scavenger hunt! See how many species of leaves or insects you can find.
  4. Soccer: Make an imaginary goal between two trees. Switch things up by playing with an oversized ball, or add an extra challenge by playing with two balls!
  5. Finger paint: Activate the right side of your brain! It may sound childish, but it’s therapeutic, fun, and creative.
  6. Speed Basketball: How many baskets can you make in a minute?
  7. Ice skating: It’s hot outside, but it’s always cool on the ice!
  8. Take a walk around the neighborhood: You might meet some new people along the way!
  9. Wash the car: Scrub those wheels till they’re shiny and bright!
  10. Walk to the bus stop: You remember the way! Make a playdate to meet up with neighborhood friends and talk about how great school will be in the fall!
  11. Pull weeds: Exercise + landscaping = happy parents (and maybe even a few earned dollars for the snack shack at the pool!)
  12. Host a lemonade stand: Make posters! Send emails! Sell lemonade to people in your building or neighborhood—maybe add a few cookies in there too
  13. Flashlight tag: Always fun, but make sure to stay close to home!
  14. Roller Rink: Take it back to the old school—make a conga line and hold on to each other as you skate to all your favorite jams
  15. Batting cage: Whether you prefer softball or baseball, pop on your favorite jersey and swing for the fences!
  16. Take your dog for a walk (or borrow a neighbor’s!): Fido will be happy for the attention and you’ll get some fresh air too
  17. Putt-putt golf: No mini golf in your area? Why not create a course in your yard or neighborhood park? You can get creative and use bats, rackets, or sticks for putters!
  18. Laser Tag: Just like a video game except YOU get to be the hero!
  19. Jump on a trampoline: Fun full-body workout for everyone
  20. Set up an obstacle course: Use outdoor furniture, trees, balls, jump ropes, anything you can find!
  21. Go back to the classics: Red Rover, Mother May I, Simon Says, Hopscotch…
  22. Fly a kite: Send it soaring…don’t let it get away!
  23. Clean your home together: Vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing will work little muscles, and have the house looking great!
  24. Build a fort: Indoors or outdoors, and have a secret handshake to get in
  25. Just Dance!: Turn the music up as loud as you can and everyone can bust a move!

BONUS IDEA: Have a stay-cation in your yard or living room! Set up tents and sleeping bags. Don’t forget the bug spray…or the s’mores!

And if you need a media outlet, use your screen time to try out some of our games!