Break the Ice with Summer FUN!

Summer break has arrived! With warmer weather comes more free time, so before you jump into your favorite swimsuit or fire up the grill, talk to your kids about making healthy decisions over the summer.

Having a series of conversations compared to one conversation with your kids about alcohol and underage drinking helps them make better decisions regarding alcohol in the future. Make conversations part of your summer fun. And of course, not every conversation has to be about alcohol, but each conversation you DO have, no matter the topic, sets the tone for a lifetime of conversations built on strong communication and trust. If you need a guide on how to get started, we have some ice breakers that are great for a car ride, picnic, or even a text!

Looking for other ways to say YES to a healthy lifestyle this summer? Add these activities to your summer to-dos

Make a list of books and read as many as you can!

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that learning has to stop. A family book club is a great way to have conversations about how everyone interprets the story, what it means to them, and what they’ve learned from it.

Host a lemonade stand

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Having a lemonade stand is the perfect way to start a conversation about earning, spending, and managing money. Ask your kids what they want to spend their money on and why. Their answers may surprise you! Plus, you can sit and have a refreshing cup of lemonade while the conversations flow.

Make a bucket list

Create a list of all the things that you hope to do and check them off as summer rolls along. Make some of the tasks easy and others more challenging. When you’ve completed them all, celebrate!

Play our new game “BrainStorm

Summer is all about taking a break from school, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge your brain. Playing our new game “BrainStorm” featuring our brain and alcohol character will help you do just that. Test your concentration and coordination and learn how alcohol can affect both while having fun!

No matter what you do with your kids this summer, make it a summer to remember! Keep up the great work you do all year long having conversations with your kids about saying YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking.