Top Ten Moments of 2019

It’s hard to believe 2019 is almost over! We’ve had a great year thanks to all of YOU who have supported us in helping kids say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking. We wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on what we’ve all accomplished this year by sharing our top ten moments of 2019 – check them out below! 

10. Ready, Set, Launch!

In April, we kicked off our partnership with Discovery Education. We released FREE lesson plans and videos that teach kids how alcohol can affect their developing brain, body, and behavior. Our Day of Learning reached over 42,000 students and began trending on Twitter! In October, we launched our digital exploration that takes kids on a journey through the brain, helping them make healthy decisions and combat peer pressure.

9. Nathan Adrian Encouraged Conversations

We loved working with five-time gold medalist and champion swimmer Nathan Adrian and Attorneys General from across the United States to send a message to parents about having conversations about alcohol with their kids to prevent underage drinking during Alcohol Responsibility Month.

8. You Shared Your Stories!  

In partnership with Discovery Education, we attended the Discovery Education Network Summer Institute (DENSI) in Ogden, Utah. We met terrific educators from across the world, and asked them to share their stories on why they became educators, and what impressions they hope to leave on their students. Their stories blew us away. With the help of graphic illustrator Nikki Kurt, we were able to bring those stories to life. 

7. Championing Students 

Our team traveled to Sutter Middle School in Los Angeles with our partners Classroom Champions to chat with students. We surprised the kids with their mentor, track and field Paralympian Lex Gillette, who joined us for the event and shared his reasons for saying “YES” to a healthy lifestyle

We had so much fun testing students’ knowledge of their developing brain and hearing their answers on why they should say “NO” to underage drinking.

6. You Like Us! You Really Like Us! 

That’s right – 20,000 people like Ask, Listen, Learn on Facebook! That’s 20,000 parents, educators, and community partners committed to helping their students and kids say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle! We were thrilled to hit this milestone and are excited to engage with them as we continue to launch new materials!

In addition to all the Facebook love, our YouTube video views exceeded 2 million views, and we are thrilled to know that they have helped you start conversations with your kids and students about how alcohol affects their developing brains. For more content subscribe to our channel!

5. Read All About It!

We activated with our influencers to bring fresh content about our program and advice on parenting and education.

  • Phyllis Fagell and her fantastic blog 5 Truths About Middle School.
  • Monica Burns and her activations around Red Ribbon Week and Alcohol Responsibility Month.
  • Leticia Barr and her fabulous blog for teachers 4 Ways Educators Can Inspire Students to Make Healthy Decisions.
  • Julianna Miner on Three Ways to Help Kids Say No to Underage Drinking.
  • Audrey McClelland on Making an Impact and How to Help Your Tweens Deal With Outside Peer Pressure. 
  • Jen Mann and her blog on Show Your Kids We Can Fix Everything Together.

4. Sent A Message During Red Ribbon Week

We activated during Red Ribbon Week, sharing our lesson plans for teachers and conversation starters for parents supporting communication and the message of staying alcohol-free. 

3. Stating the Facts

During National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, we shared encouraging statistics about the decline in underage drinking and other facts about what alcohol does to the developing brain. 

2. We Hit the Road

This year we traveled to meet many of you! From CADCA to ASCA, NASN, and AMLE, we enjoyed attending these conferences and talking with you about our program and how you can help the kids in your community say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle. 

1. Conversations are Up and Underage Drinking is Down!

It’s been quite a year, and it would not have been possible without your support. Parents and educators, you are doing a great job inspiring the future to make healthy decisions. This holiday season, we want to remind you that responsibility is the best gift you can give to your loved ones. Stay tuned to our social channels as we celebrate with you and share tips for a healthy holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

The Ask, Listen, Learn Team