Conversations for Red Ribbon Week

It’s Red Ribbon Week – a time dedicated to encouraging kids to make healthy choices and stay alcohol- and substance-free. We are thrilled to have brand-new resources to support educators and parents this year as they focus on having conversations with their kids about risky behaviors. We have always been dedicated to preventing underage drinking, and our newest materials will help kids understand why saying NO to underage cannabis use is so important, too.

Our classrooms look quite a bit different this year, and families are spending more time together than ever before, giving us more ways to have conversations with our kids—and bridge the gap between prevention efforts at home and at school.

Educators can get started with our science-based classroom materials developed to teach kids what the brain does, what alcohol does to it, and what that does to them. And our newest video and lesson plan will extend their learning, teaching kids about the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis affects their developing brain, too.

Red Ribbon Week is not just for the classroom either. We also have games, infographics and resources that parents can access at home to continue these conversations that encourage kids to say YES to a healthy lifestyle.

Need more ways to help get the conversation going?

  • Our newest resources in partnership with Discovery Education provide more cost-free, virtual materials for educators and families, and continue to dive into how underage cannabis use can have a negative impact on growing brains, bodies, and behavior. 
  • Our friend Monica Burns, of ClassTechTips shares insight into implementing some of our resources in your virtual class.
  • 2019 School Counselor of the year Brian Coleman shares on the importance of talking to your kids about risky behaviors early.
  • Dr. Katie Friedman, a pediatric ER physician dives deep into how cannabis affects the developing brain.
  • Leticia Barr, author of techsavvymama  discusses the importance of conversations using our newest module on saying “NO” underage cannabis use.

We hope you’ll join us celebrating Red Ribbon Week and congratulate yourselves on all the efforts we are making together to keep kids’ alcohol- and cannabis-free. You are doing a great job. Thank you for all that do.

-The Ask, Listen, Learn Team