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From The Blog: February, 2014

Confidence in Your Skin = Confidence to Withstand Peer Pressure

Body image comes from within. As a parent, it’s difficult to explain to a middle-school age child how the images from the magazines aren’t real life, so let us help you. As National Eating Disorder Awareness Week commences, we want to shine a light on a very important topic: self-esteem....

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Welcome Home, Ashley Wagner!

We were anxiously awaiting Two-time National Champion and now Olympic medalist, Ashley Wagner, for the 2014 games, and the day has finally come! She came straight to the Ask, Listen, Learn team to talk saying YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking. Ashley filmed a few PSAs...

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Your Thoughts on TED Talks

We recently came across an interesting video from a TED Talk given by a 13 year-old boy who is a little beyond his years. His concept of traditional school systems has raised some eyebrows. It’s said that his attention to the system’s ‘flaws’ has made him a more well-rounded and...

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Dr. Wolf: My child has no friends

From The Globe and Mail: “Every weekend, when I know most of the kids in his grade are out doing stuff with friends, my Ryan is always home. Nobody calls him and he seems to have nobody to call. He’s a nice kid. He just doesn’t seem to have any friends....

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Show Your Loved Ones You Care!

Whether you’re a parent, kid, mother, father, sister, brother; let’s talk about the ones you love. Here at Ask, Listen, Learn we’ve created some shareable Pinterest pins to tell the ones you love that you want to start a conversation with them about being healthy and happy. We encourage you...

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Disclaimer: May Include Bragging Rights

We are SO excited to announce the launch of our new website! The Ask, Listen, Learn team thought it was time we brought on a new look, but don’t worry, we have the same message: say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking! We want to remind...

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Ashley is ready for Sochi, here’s why!

It’s National Women and Girls in Sports Day and what better way to celebrate than with our launch of our PSA with Ashley Wagner!! She’s Sochi bound and we’re confident that her determination and hard work will pay off! Make sure to tune into NBC from 4:30-6:30 pm EST to...

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