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From The Blog: December, 2014

Conversation Tips for the Holiday Season!

Parents, how did unwrapping go!? Don’t worry, we’ve still got half the month to keep the conversations going. We felt it was unfair to urge you to have conversations about tough topics, like underage drinking, without giving you some pointers on where to start! Here’s what we’ve got to say:...

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Post by AMLE: Holidays Are Stressful for Middle Schoolers, Too

We heard from the Association for Middle Level Education on the effects of the holidays on our middle school students. Hear what they have to say:  According to the National Association of Health Education Centers, the chief stressor for students ages 9-13 is school. No middle grades educator is surprised by...

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Unwrap Your Conversation this Holiday Season!

As this holiday season steadily approaches, let’s take a moment to take a deeeeep breath. Phew! Now that that’s over, let’s remember what’s really important during the holiday season: Unwrapping sincere, honest and candid conversations between you and your kids about tough conversations, like underage drinking. Let’s be real, the...

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